David Or

I am a Senior Game Developer, specializing in R&D, rapid prototyping, and game jamming. At my current company, my responsibilities include coming up with new game ideas and developing cross-platform prototypes, each within a 2-4 week schedule. It is a role that heavily involves ideation, game design, programming, and project management. In the last 3 years, I designed and built over 50 games in Flash, Unity, and HTML5.

My games have been published on iOS, Android, and a variety of websites like Washington Post, CNN, LA Times, AARP, Discovery, and AOL. My work has been shown at Babycastles, Indiecade, Come Out & Play, Copenhagen Play Festival, Dance Theater Workshop, and Japan Society.

Game Engines: Unity 3D, Phaser, Construct, GameMaker, Torque, Inform7
Programming Languages: C#, C++, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Java, Python
Programming IDEs: Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, WebStorm, FlashDevelop, Processing
Software: Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Balsamiq, Audacity, Hansoft, TestTrack Pro, Microsoft Office
Source Control: SVN, Git, Team Foundation Server


Wen-Shiu Hung

David is my supervisor when I did internship in Arkadium Inc. He is a patient person and I really learn a lot from him! He taught me a lot about how to encapsulate features into good models, and some design pattern let me can make better design for program. Also he let me know basic function about SVN version control system. I also gain a lot of experience for having meeting with professional people via his help!

Wen-Shiu Hung, Game Development Intern, Arkadium
Reported to David at Arkadium

John Luu

I had the pleasure of working with David during Arkadium's Game Jam. He showed great enthusiasm and was quick to adapt to the different technologies we used for our project. We worked alongside with the rest of the team to solidify the design and technical aspects of our game, and he was always quick on his feet to achieve solutions to our problems. It was a great working with David and recommend him to the highest degree.

John Luu, Google Specialist, MarketStar
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Ben Sironko

I worked with David during my time as a Game Design Intern at Arkadium and learned an incredible amount from his outstanding design sensibility. We collaborated directly on a design exercise and I was impressed by the fact that he always knew exactly how to improve an idea and push it to its full potential. More importantly he was an absolute pleasure to work with, making sure to synthesize our contributions and approaching any conflicting ideas without ego for the sake of the larger goal of high quality work. On top of all of this, David is incredibly involved in the game design and development community. I ran into him at every event while I was in NYC and have seen him in the years since at all kinds of game conferences. David is an absolute asset to any team!

Ben Sironko, Game Design Intern, Arkadium
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Tom Rassweiler

David is a phenomenal programmer for games and prototypes. He brings an extraordinary blend of creative talents to his work, including technical ingenuity, game design intuition, and an aesthetic eye. Unlike many extremely creative people, David is equally skilled at organization and managing his own time. Finally he has an insatiable desire for new knowledge and challenges and loves to share what he’s learned. Somehow, despite his outstanding skills and talents, he is a model team-player, and a pleasure to work with.

Tom Rassweiler, VP of Games, Arkadium
Managed David at Arkadium

Kara Kono

David is an all star! His skills, personality and work ethic are the things that all Producers dream about at night. He is the full package -- a brilliant programmer, a great game designer, and he has a keen eye for artistic detail. When he was a programmer on a project I was managing, he was like a ray of sunlight at our day stand ups. He always has a smile and brings an infectious joy to his team. David is an organized self-starter. He manages his time well and always gets his work done. I loved working with him. When he joined the R&D team at Arkadium, it was a perfect fit. He uses his game design, programming, and art skills to bring ideas to life quickly. David is a rock star and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team

Kara Kono, Producer, Untame Entertainment
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Leisen Huang

It was a pleasure to work with David. He is a very solid engineer from speed and quality perspective. He can pick up very complex problems and solve them well. He has thoughts on both engineering and design. Also, he is a good mentor who I learnt a lot from.

Leisen Huang, Application Developer, Play-i
Reported to David at Arkadium

Vincent St. John

David moves quickly - when he stops coding, it's because he's already prototyped the feature you were talking about earlier. Besides being a talented programmer, David has an awesome range of skills and interests in art, game design, and other areas. The best thing I can say about David, though, is that I've learned a lot by working with him, and he is always happy to share his knowledge with his coworkers.

Vincent St. John, Marketing Manager, MicroEdge
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Ben Smith

David is a force of nature when it comes to game programming. He came to Arkadium with relatively less experience than some of our other developers, but his drive and ability to absorb knowledge has been amazing. In less than 2 years, David has gone from an associate developer to one of the most requested resources in the whole company. His interests cover the game development gamut encompassing art, design, development, and education. In all of these areas David takes the initiative to grow and share his knowledge and his projects reflect this. I would highly recommend David as a game developer.

Ben Smith, Senior Programmer, Z2
Managed David at Arkadium

Felicia Wong

I had the pleasure to collaborate with David Or during my game design internship at Arkadium. When I met him, I instantly felt completely at ease. He is approachable and humble, yet exceptional at game development and design. If he is unsatisfied with his current work, David will labor tirelessly on it - even after hours - until it is to his liking, and always meets his deadlines. David is the kind of person who wants to make sure his work is the best it can be. I enthusiastically recommend David for the Senior Game Developer position at Arkadium!

Felicia Wong, Game Design Intern, Arkadium
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Silas Law

David Or is an excellent developer and game designer. Working with David from a QA perspective, David not only fixes issues, but works with you to suggest solutions to arrive at the best implementation, that not only works for the team but takes account of the consumer's perspective. David attends many Game Jams and is constantly working to excel at his craft. I highly recommend David and think he would be a great addition at any company he works at.

Silas Law, QA Lead, R/GA
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Drew Blomquist

I always say David is the employee of the month... forever. He's my favorite person to work with creatively, and he's far too humble about his level of skill. He's always upbeat and funny, and works together to tweak the details; it's like having a magic genie to make ideas come alive. I always say that the best game programmers have a strong designer side, and Dave is the picture of this. He stays busy honing his skills, going to conferences, studying the finer details of games, and improving on everything he knows. Dave's #1.

Drew Blomquist, Freelance Artist & Animator, (formerly) Arkadium
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Joe Laurino

David's a really sharp guy that I'd trust with any development job that needs doing. I had the pleasure of working with him on a few different teams during my time at Arkadium, and he always stood out as a guy who got our code done fast and clean. He's an awesome problem solver who knows games, and he's a great addition to any studio looking to bolster their dev team.

Joe Laurino, Game Designer, Avalanche Studios NYC
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Chris Liguz

I worked with David while he was a Game Programmer for the R&D division at Arkadium. His prototyping skills are unparalleled and his expertise with our engine is second to none. David is a truly creative and inspiring programmer with a deep knowledge of game design. He has always been available to help and guide anyone who comes to him for advice or seeking alternate approaches to difficult problems. David is a tremendous asset to any team that is lucky enough to have him.

Chris Liguz, Game Programmer, (formerly) Arkadium
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Simon Kono

Although I never had the privilege of working with David directly on the same project, while I worked with him at Arkadium, I found him to be one of the most considerate and professional employees in the office. David is very easy to get along with, and clear in his communication. He always projects a positive and helpful attitude. From the way he arranged his workspace to the amazingly neat and thorough notes that he took, It is very clear that David is highly organized and on top of his assignments. Most importantly : he meets his deadlines. I have heard nothing but great things about David's work ethic and coding skills from producers, artists, and programmers that have worked with him. He participates regularly in game jams, is active in the local game development community, and is very proactive about learning more about game design and development. I highly recommend David Or for your projects or position at your company.

Simon Kono, Freelance Artist, Untame Entertainment
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Brian Hertler

I worked with David very closely on a major cross-platform game at Arkadium, as well as on numerous game jams and smaller prototypes he's done. Not only is he an excellent - and very fast - developer, but he also has great game design sensibilities. He's deeply invested in the quality of his work, and he'll push himself hard to get the details just right. Outside of work, he's a fixture in the NYC game development scene, attending events and organizing game jam teams on a regular basis. He balances his drive and passion with a positive outlook and easy-going nature, so he's a natural fit on any team.

Brian Hertler, Game Designer, Nickelodeon
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Jeff Lindsey

David is a very well-rounded game developer and I always enjoyed having him on my projects and game jam teams. He is one of those devs who has a critical eye for design - not only from a game mechanics perspective, but for the holistic player experience and even the demographic considerations and personas involved. He also cares deeply about the quality and end results of his teams' work and brings just the right amount of challenge to preconceptions that can give many teams tunnel-vision. I would love to get a chance to work with him again, especially on innovation-heavy projects that require iteration and his T-shaped skills.

Jeff Lindsey, Product and Process Director, (formerly) Arkadium
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Julia Keren-Detar

What can I say about David Or? He is an amazingly diverse coder who can quickly jump into new technologies and program complex systems fast. He has a deep understanding of game design as well as a library of knowledge about all types of games. He is involved in almost every industry event and is an avid game jammer. On top of this David is one of the nicest people I know and a joy to work with. He is the backbone of Arkadium's R&D dept. and will be a valued team member wherever he goes.

Julia Keren-Detar, Game Designer and Developer, Untame Entertainment
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Ian Braunstein

I worked first hand with David on a prototype for a new game idea. His organization and efficiency was evident from day one. He kept his work transparent, took suggestions well, and offered anyone on the team the opportunity to jump into the coding process.

Ian Braunstein, Technical Project Manager, Glassdoor
Worked alongside David at Arkadium

Zachary Gabrielski

I worked with David for approx. 3 years at Arkadium in a few different functions. I can happily recommend his work and say that he is both great at his job and passionate about what he does. David worked across many departments in my time at Arkadium and was someone who could fill a gap on any team. Most notably, he was an ace on the R&D team, quickly prototyping and finding areas of success or weakness in different game ideas as they entered the pipeline for development. The thing that stands out the most about when David and I finally worked together on a dedicated team was how he was always two steps ahead in delivering what was on our roadmap and it was always top quality.

Zachary Gabrielski, Product Manager, Daily Burn
Worked alongside David at Arkadium


• Participated in 20+ game jams with awards or nominations in each one
• Plays fighting games competitively
• Frequently attends game conferences, festivals, jams, and meetups
• Runs the Theory Fighter blog, documenting gaming talks & lectures that I attend
• Regularly makes experimental projects in the realm of games, websites, video, and theater

• Video games (favorite genres include MOBAs, fighters, brawlers, & shooters)
• Board games (favorite mechanisms include variable player powers, modular setups, & engine building)
• Superhero-themed media (comics, movies, television, games)
• Asian pop groups
• Reading psychology and design books