Toybox Trouble
Toybox Trouble
role: Concept, Programming, Balancing
team: 7 total (2 programmers, 2 artists, 1 designer, 1 audio, 1 music)
time: 2 days
tech: Flash, ActionScript 3
platforms: Web
date: January 2014


Toybox Trouble is a simplified 2-player fighting game with the theme of a little girl violently playing with her toys. The game is stripped down to almost one-dimension; your basic movements are to move left or right, and to dash forward or backward. The only way to damage your opponent is by ramming into them.

The toy can also be held up, which guards against incoming attacks and can be turned into a devastating slam move. However, be careful of the girl's insatiable desire to chew on her toys!


Best Audio Award at Global Game Jam 2014 NYU


Play the game yourself!

You need to enable Flash player on your browser to play


Start: The game will automatically go fullscreen when started. Allow keyboard controls for the full experience.

Character Select: Both players select a toy that they will play with. Different toys will have different movement speeds, attack speed, attack damage, etc. Find the one that best suits you!

Player 1 controls
A & D keys = move left and right
W key = guard
S key = dash
Spacebar = select character at menu

Player 2 controls
Left & Right arrow keys = move left and right
Up arrow key = guard
Down arrow key = dash
Enter = select character at menu