The Walk
The Walk
role: Concept, Design, Programming
team: 5 total (me, 1 audio, 2 artists, 1 writer)
time: 2 days
tech: Flash, ActionScript 3
platforms: Web
date: November 2013


The Walk tells the emotional story of a person's relationship with his best friend, through the lens of a typing game. Unlike other typing games where the goal is to type as fast as you can, this is a game that explores typing in pace. You take a step for every correct letter you type and you sprint forward as you type faster. But it's not a race... you want to be next to your best friend as much as possible to improve your connection with him. The slower pace in typing allows the words to sink in for the player.

In terms of theme, The Walk depicts a short montage of the two friends' history. As the person reads from his past, the scene cross fades between environments and different points of his memories. Each play experience is different, with different sets of characters, different stories, different music, and different sequences of environments.

Music was graciously borrowed, courtesy of the internet.


Play the game yourself!

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Goal: Stay close to your friend as much as possible. Try to type in pace with your friend's walking speed.