Dance Without Bodies
Dance Without Bodies
role: 3D asset research, Grant proposal & biography writing
team: 5+ members (choreographer, dancers, programmers, set production)
time: 1 year
tech: Max/MSP, 2 video cameras, 2 projection screens, 15 video monitors
platforms: Theater
date: December 2006


Dance Without Bodies is a dance and digital media work, which was originally built around two simultaneous, yet spatially disconnected solos to experiment on virtual aspects of body and create "new body" that has no distinction between "my" body and "other" bodies. Drawing from Koosil-ja's performance work with The Wooster Group and based on her study of philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's key concept Body Without Organs, Koosil-ja created a performance technique/video system named Live Processing. The audience would see how each dancer renders movement unique from each other and each time they perform. Live Processing creates a networked body with 15 video monitors and 3 video movement sources and awakes potentiality of each dancer for producing movements which are new and beyond their training and memory.


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