Light Fight
Light Fight
role: Design
team: 4 total (designers & organizers)
time: 1 week
tech: Flashlights, Cardboard boxes
platforms: Physical
date: July 2014


Light Fight is a physical game where players duel in the shadows with beams of light! Two teams of two face off using the power of light! The play area is a square section of street with cardboard boxes scattered throughout it.

Each player starts in a different corner, armed with a flashlight. Turns alternate between players, from one team to the other. On a player’s turn, they may take one step in any direction, and may also choose to turn on their flashlight. Once they turn on their flashlight, they cannot move it at all, and it is turned off on their next turn. Players cannot move at all if it is not their turn, but teammates can try to position their bodies to cast their own shadows too!

To win the game, catch both members of the opposing team standing in the light. Players are only “safe” if both of their feet are standing within the shadows.


Official Selection at Indiecade Festival 2014
Best in Fest Grand Prize Winner at Come Out & Play 2014