Spaghetti Standoff
Spaghetti Standoff
role: Design
team: 4 total (designers & organizers)
time: 2 weeks
tech: Box of uncooked spaghetti
platforms: Physical
date: July 2013


Spaghetti Standoff is a playground game where 6-8 players stand in a connected circle, each holding two uncooked spaghetti noodles in either hand (shared with their adjacent neighbor), forming a big chain. Sounds idyllic, no? False.

The moment the game starts, it is everyone’s goal to be one in the last pair of players with their fragile noodle friend intact. When one of your strands breaks, you put that arm behind your back, and if both strands break, you’re out for that round. Uncooked spaghetti is fragile, so ensuring your grips are parallel with each of your partners is necessary to stay in—just don’t forget that everyone else is trying to break your strands. Circles break into chains; chains break into rumbling duos; and every once in a while, someone learns that uncooked spaghetti is still not edible.

Spaghetti Standoff was created by Arkadium employees for the Come Out and Play Festival in NYC.

Awards & Honors

Official Selection at Indiecade Festival 2013
Best Family Game at Come Out & Play 2013
• Featured in Game Loading: Rise of the Indies movie