Super Secret Spies
Super Secret Spies
role: Design
team: 5 total (designers & organizers)
time: 3 weeks
tech: Fedora hats
platforms: Physical
date: July 2012


Super Secret Spies is a playground game in which players are divided into two teams. Each player wears a fedora hat with a runner number pinned to one side. The goal is to spot the opposite team’s numbers while keeping yours from being spotted.

The game creates a dynamic space where players are sneaking around, chasing each other, and providing moments of standoff in which players from opposite teams circle around each other not wanting to reveal their outward facing numbers. The fedora hats add a nice touch by enforcing this sense of being a spy since players end up nudging the hat to hide the number from view in a certain direction. The spectators play a limited role, however most will try to aid players in the whereabouts of the other team members. The game is relatively short and very accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike.

Super Secret Spies was created by Arkadium employees for the Come Out and Play Festival in NYC, and has been played in other outdoor festivals in Copenhagen, Pittsburg, and Los Angeles.


Official Selection at Indiecade Festival 2013

Watch a gameplay session