Farm Fighter
Farm Fighter
role: Concept, Design, Programming, Production
team: 5 total (1 designer/programmer, 1 3D artist, 1 UI artist, 1 audio, 1 tester)
time: 3 days
tech: Unity
platforms: PC, Mac, Web
date: January 2021


Farm Fighter is a 1v1 local competitive game that combines:
1) the theme and crop growing systems of farming sims
2) the grid-based movement from Megaman Battle Network
3) the last hitting mechanics from MOBAs
4) and a unique Lost-and-Found feature that provides game-changing rewards!

Two farmers race to harvest $100 worth of crops from the same field. Player 1 is a fruit farmer who benefits from melons and pumpkins, while Player 2 is a vegetable farmer who benefits from cabbages and carrots. They both highly value tomatoes.

Farmers can water and fertilize crops to help them grow faster and earn some energy (explained later!). Wait 'til the very end when the crop is juuuust ripe to harvest it and gain the money. But wait just a second too long, and the crop wilts and becomes a useless waste of space.

Not only are you competing with the opponent farmer on harvesting, but step a little too close and you're in danger of getting smacked by their pitchfork! A game of Farm Fighter is a careful back-and-forth dance of harvesting crops vs. attacking and dodging your opponent.

Or maybe, you prefer to stay away from conflict and try your luck at digging for lost items... like your house keys or your wedding ring. Perhaps you'll even strike some gold! Return the items to the lost-and-found basket for a great reward.

Now about that energy. Spend one energy bar to summon your trusty farm animals to aid you, or save it all for your super powerful ability! With 6 unique farmers to choose from each with interesting, unique abilities... this is the true eSports farming game!

In all seriousness, I've participated in about 30 game jams in my life. And this is probably the game I'm most proud of making. I've had a blast designing it and playtesting it. The strategies are so complex and the matchups are so interesting. I surprised myself with how much design, code, and artwork I was pumping out in only 2 days. And the team did an amazing job providing all the aesthetics of the game.


Couch Crew Award (best local multiplayer game) at Global Game Jam 2021 Playcrafting


Play the game yourself!


• Race to earn $100 by harvesting crops or returning lost-and-found items.
• Player 1 earns more money from harvesting fruits (melons, pumpkins, tomatoes).
• Player 2 earns more money from harvesting vegetables (cabbages, carrots, tomatoes).

Action Button
Press the Action Button to interact with the tile in front of you. But the action changes based on what's happening in that tile. There are 6 possible actions.
1. Opponent farmer in tile: Attack them and deal 1 damage. If the farmer takes 3 damage, then they are knocked out for 10 seconds.
2. Empty soil tile: Search the soil for any lost items. If lost items are found, then move into the lost-and-found space at the bottom of the field to return the items for rewards.
3. Sprouting crop (blue meter): Water the crop to help it grow and gain a lot of energy. Be careful since watering take a long time and makes you susceptible to attacks!
4. Budding crop (green meter): Fertilize the crop to help it grow and gain some energy.
5. Ripe crop (red meter): Harvest the crop and gain rewards depending on your fruit or vegetable interests. Be careful not to wait too long or the crop will quickly wilt!
6. Wilted crop (blackened): Remove the crop from the field to make space for new crops to grow.

Player 1 Controls
Move: WASD
Action: E
Special Summon (cost 1 energy): R
Super Summon (cost 3 energy): F

Player 2 Controls
Move: IJKL
Action: O
Special Summon (cost 1 energy): P
Super Summon (cost 3 energy): Semi-colon (;)