Nest Runner
Nest Runner
role: Concept, Design, Programming
team: 6 total (2 programmers, 3 artists, 1 audio)
time: 2 days
tech: Unity, C#, Photoshop
platforms: Windows
date: October 2013


Nest Runner is a competitive local multiplayer game where you play as a motherly animal fighting off other animals to get food for your baby. There are 4 asymmetrical animals -- rabbit who moves fast, beaver who accelerates, hedgehog who deals a lot of stun, and parrot who flies over obstacles. The game was built in 2 days during the Big Bad Mamma Jamma.


• (Runner-up) Best in Show at Big Bad Mamma Jamma



Play the game yourself!

Note: You must have at least 2 X-box controllers to play
Download for Windows >>>