Word Wipe
Word Wipe
role: Production, Technical Director
team: 3 total (1 programmer, 1 producer, 1 tester)
time: 4 months
tech: Phaser, JavaScript, HTML5, Cocoon
platforms: Web, Mobile Web, iOS, Android
date: January 2017


Word Wipe is a popular line-drawing word-search game. The goal is to clear a certain number of rows or columns to reach the next level. It was one of Arkadium's most popular Flash games and we hired a freelance developer to port it to HTML5. I acted as the producer and technical director, managing the project from start to finish.

However, when we launched the game, the game did not perform as well as the Flash game. It took us several weeks of iterations and testing to finally get the metrics to match and eventually surpass the Flash game.


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