Bubble Dragons
Bubble Dragons
role: Concept, Design, Production, Technical Director
team: 4 total (1 programmer, 1 artist, 1 designer, 1 tester)
time: 4 months
tech: Phaser, JavaScript, HTML5, DragonBones
platforms: Web, Mobile Web
date: January 2018


Bubble Dragons is a challenge-based bubble shooter featuring tons of mechanics inspired by other casual bubble shooter games. There are several dragons who act both as obstacles, but also as helpers. The purple dragons prevent bubbles from dropping, the orange dragons destroy random groups of bubbles, and the blue dragons convert random bubbles into power-ups. Meanwhile, the player has tons of power-ups at their disposal that they can charge up by matching bubbles and dropping bubbles. They have mines that cause large explosions, fireballs that pierce through bubbles, rainbow bubbles that match with any color, and more.

This project was developed by a freelance developer and one month's time from a freelance artist. I played every other role including designing the systems and levels, managing the project, and providing technical direction of the codebase.

While the goal was to develop one bubble shooter game, we ended up releasing two versions -- a 15-level challenge-based version and a 200-level saga-based one.


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