NFL Guesser
NFL Guesser
role: Programming, Production
team: 7 total (1 producer, 2 programmers, 1 artist, 1 designer, 1 data engineer, 1 tester)
time: 10 weeks
tech: Phaser, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, Azure
platforms: InHabit
date: December 2016


Factives are the contextually relevant, interactive, and editorial data visualizations that drive Arkadium's InHabit platform. InHabit uses AI and machine learning to create and distribute factives at scale, delivering superior engagement to any news article with minimal integration.

NFL Guesser prompts the user with a multiple choice question to guess which of the four players scored the highest in a given stat throughout the season. This is one of the earliest factives we worked on and it went through several iterations. Throughout the changes and design decisions, it helped us as a team to figure out what factives were and what the best design practices were.