Jimmy Blastoff: Launch to Adventure
Jimmy Blastoff: Launch to Adventure
role: Concept, Programming
team: 4 total (1 programmer, 1 designer, 2 artists)
time: 1 day
tech: Flash, ActionScript 3, Photoshop
platforms: Web
date: March 2013


Jimmy Blastoff: Launch to Adventure is an Asteroids-like arcade game played only with the mouse and themed as a 1940's children's television show. The entire game takes place within the television set, without any "game-like" UI to detract from the experience. For example, score is portrayed through alien dialogue, losing focus on the game ends with a breaking news bulletin, volume is controlled through the television knob, and other screens are found by switching the channel. The game was developed in 23 hours for the AOL Games.com Hackathon.


Best in Show Grand Prize Award at AOL Games.com Hackathon


Play the game yourself!

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Start: Click the shiny green power button to turn on the televsion.
Goal: Survive as long as possible! Destroy asteroids, enemy ships, and rockets... and collect as many atomic diamonds as you can.
Controls: Click to fire a projectile in that direction, which will also propel your ship backwards. Be careful not to collide with enemy objects or the walls of the screen!