UFC Upcoming Matchups
UFC Upcoming Matchups
role: Programming
team: 7 total (2 programmers, 1 artist, 1 designer, 1 data engineer, 1 tester)
time: 1 week
tech: Animate, TypeScript, HTML5
platforms: InHabit
date: June 2019


Factives are the contextually relevant, interactive, and editorial data visualizations that drive Arkadium's InHabit platform. InHabit uses AI and machine learning to create and distribute factives at scale, delivering superior engagement to any news article with minimal integration.

UFC Upcoming Matchups is a slider-driven experience that prompts the user to guess the fighter's historical stats, then reveals the stats between both fighters in the upcoming matchup.

I am especially proud of this factive because it's so high quality and it only took our team one week to build. In comparison, our very first factive took about four months. This factive represents the culmination of our improvements in technology, art and data pipelines, agile processes, and teamwork that we've made over the last two years since we started InHabit.