Radar Rumble
Radar Rumble
role: Concept, Design, Programming
team: 5 total (2 programmers, 1 designer, 1 artist, 1 contributor)
time: 2 days
tech: Unity, C#
platforms: PC
date: January 2018


Radar Rumble is an experimental platform fighting game developed during the Global Game Jam 2018 with "transmission" as the theme.

We were in love with the setting. You are observers hidden in an underground bunker, while two giant mechs are fighting in the city. You can only hear the sounds of the battle and see the fight through the lens of a radar. The fight is mostly invisible. You can only see afterimages of the mechs and rockets whenever the radar sweeps across them or when they produce high seat signatures.

While we love the setting, the gameplay was ultimately a failed experiment. It was incredible difficult to play a game that you could not see. Between the delayed visuals of the afterimages and the slow movement of the mechs, the game felt incredibly sluggish and unsatisfying to play.


Play the game yourself!

Note: Recommended to use 2 X-box controllers to play. Otherwise, check below for keyboard controllers
Download for Windows >>>


Player 1 Controls
• WASD for movement
• F to shoot
• G to jump
• H to melee

Player 2 Controls
• Arrow keys for movement
• [ to shoot
• ] to jump
• \ to melee