Headbop Hero
Headbop Hero
role: Programming
team: 4 total (2 programmers, 1 designer, 1 artist)
time: 2 days
tech: Unity, C#, Bose AR
platforms: iOS with Bose AR
date: June 2019


Headbop Hero is a music/rhythm game where you bop your head to the music. Similar to other music games, you gain points by staying on the beat. The foxy friend grooves along to the music as well and helps you stay on the beat.

The game offers audio, tactile, and visual feedback to show you how well you're doing. For example, high pass filters turn on when you're doing poorly, the phone vibrates as you bop your head, and the wavelength indicator changes color based on your accuracy.

The game was created for the Bose AR game jam in collaboration with Playcrafting. The idea came from us wanting to make a game that was natural to play with the Bose AR devices; something you can play while commuting on the train in public.

Watch the gameplay video

Play the game on your mobile device!

Note: Requires a Bose AR device to play