Pogo Trizzle
Pogo Trizzle
role: Design, Production, Technical Director
team: 4 total (2 designers, 1 artist, 1 programmer)
time: 4.5 months
tech: Flash, Air, ActionScript 3, Pixi, TypeScript, HTML5
platforms: Web, Mobile Web, iOS, Android
date: February 2019


Pogo Trizzle is the puzzle game based on the prototype of a similar name. It combines the row/column sliding mechanics of Chuzzle with the exponential match-3 mechanics of Triple Town.

This game went through a long journey. It was first built in Flash for the web and ported to the Pogo platform. It was then converted to HTML5 by a third-party studio and also released on mobile. Finally, at the end of 2018, when Pogo started removing all its Flash games in favor of HTML5 games, we rebuilt the entire game with a freelance developer to obtain the level of polish that the original Flash game had.


Play the game yourself!


This is a screenshot of an earlier version of the game built in Flash.