role: Programming
team: 7 total (4 programmers, 2 audio, 1 artist)
time: 2 days
tech: Construct, Processing
platforms: Windows


Root is a short art game about a seed traversing through the soils of a post-apocalyptic world. Collect nutrients, water and energy as you guide a new species of plant through the treacherous earth. Mixed-media artwork combines digital techniques with pastels, watercolor and charcoal. Dynamic sound allows the player's gameplay to contribute to the auditory experience. Avoid predators and obstacles, and reach the surface before you're doomed to extinction.


Most Beautiful Game Award at Global Game Jam 2011 NYU

Play the game yourself!

Download for Windows >>>


You can control your plant with your keyboard's arrow keys, or an XBox 360 controller (Rumble Support).

Goal: Collect items in a certain way to gain health to stay alive. Make it to the top to achieve an ending. Percentage of power ups picked up determine one of three different endings.

Arrow keys = Move
Spacebar = Restart
Esc key = Exit Game